It is through others that we develop into ourselves -- Lev Vygotsky


Pedagogy Space promotes educational approaches & wellbeing practices to support lifelong learners.

Liliana Hensel



 "All children have the right to participatory education where they contribute, are

heard, seen & valued." 


~ How do children construct knowledge?

~ Why are children the subjects of rights?

~ Which learning environments actively promote children's learning?

~ How does brain development impact emotions, behavior, and cognition?

~ How do emotions affect attention, memory, and learning?

~ How do we support self-regulation & wellbeing in children?

~ Why is creativity, curiosity, communication, collaboration & critical thinking necessary?

I work with parents, educators, schools, and communities teaching and speaking on inquiry-based learning, socio-constructivist & emotional intelligence theory, and caregiver self-inquiry to best support children's growth and development, from birth to adolescence. I offer workshops & discussion circles based on current brain & child development research & pedagogical innovation. I also consult with schools providing pedagogical support and offer educator & parenting workshops for professional development.    



for educators & parents

Strategies supporting students & educators to find growth in uncertainty

resilient educators resilient students
the parenting journey

Building strengths & connection--Addressing conflicts & developing well-being for parent & child

Principles & practices for developing lifelong learners in the early years

theory & practice
pedagogical environments

Space, size & materials matter!

Learning environments based on relationships

culture, ecology 
& wellbeing

Developing openness and awareness of cultural, ecological and mindful practices

 early literacy

Creating a language-rich, reciprocal and interactive classroom/home culture 

educator circle discussions

Is a virtual space where I meet with 5-10 educators to discuss teaching/learning strategies.

parent circle discussions

Is a virtual space where I meet with 5-10 parents to discuss parenting strategies.

Join our community to receive occasional tidbits on Inquiry & Strength-based education, Self-regulation, 

Emotional Intelligence, or please tell us your interests. 

You can also contact us to arrange individualized workshops to fit your needs, weekend seminars or consulting services.


 It's in the ordinary moments

when we




  • Children are born competent and wired for learning and connecting.

  • Children have individual timing, temperament, and developmental stages.

  • Adult self-examination is vital for building meaningful connections.

  • Imperfection, uncertainty, & risks are catalysts for 'meaning-making' & building relationships.


  • Participatory education practices that respect the adult-child dynamic.

  • Learning happens through a circular process of action, conceptualization, and evaluation/revisiting.

  • Pedagogical models that value the diversity of the learning community.

  • Developing wellbeing, responsiveness, and reflective practices.

  • Cultivating respect, empathy, emotional and cultural awareness.