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What are other folks doing in educating or raising children? International teaching/learning approaches can enrich us all. Please share your examples with us. Our community is an invitation to educators & parents from around the world to share pedagogical ideas, practices & resources here — a place for reflection & inspiration about childhood, parenting, and teaching.
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Photo:  Benny Dahlberg Pedagogista with Liliana Hensel

upon her visit to Idéan, Umea Sweden.

Our first example Idéan, in Umeå municipality in Sweden, is an initiative that offers professional development outreach and training for the field of education. Preschools, primary schools and family day care programs can receive support in business development, as well as theoretical and pedagogical coaching based on constructivist philosophy at no cost to the participants. They also offer community trainings and seminars. 

Municipalities in Sweden provide childcare for infants/toddlers from the age of one at minimal fees. Plus all three-year-old children can receive at least 525 hours per year of free childcare; afterward, the child attends (public preschool at no charge).




Our second example is an informative new book (just fresh off the press), The Montessori Toddler by Simone Davies in Amsterdam. The book is a thorough and comprehensive guide helping parents with raising toddlers in a Montessori way. The book addresses how to understand your toddler better, alternatives to time out, and ways to help them become responsible humans, and more.