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Developing cultural, ecological & mindful practises

Everything an educator/parent does and says sends a message to children... Mindfulness is about attention and presece with each moment.

Course Duration: 1.5 hrs.

Target audience: Educators / Parents

Do we want our children to be mindful of self, other people, cultures, and the environment, and to learn to be present and reflective? If so, then it's essential to examine our perspective on these concepts. It's also crucial to develop skills and practices open to different points of view. 

How should we design environments that promote cultural, ecological, and mindful practices? What does science tell us about wellbeing?


We will discuss the following: 


  • What is the emotional atmosphere of the school/home environment?

  • What are the factors that shape wellbeing?

  • How can we create opportunities for self-reflection for children and adults? 

  • How can we develop intercultural practices?

  • How can we diminish ethnocentric practices?

  • How do we incorporate relevant ecological/environmentally friendly practices?


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