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Designing pedagogical environments 

'Meaningful' environments designed with 'intentionality' empower children, give them confidence and a sense of belonging.


Course Duration: 1.5 hrs.

Target audience: Educators / Parents


By considering the group size, space, and materials offered to children, adults can shape different experiences to support their development and natural learning strategies. This workshop focuses on environments that sustain children's learning and curiosity, including visual examples of various learning environments. Further discussions of the following critical concepts:

  • Small groups and spaces facilitate meaningful communication and build relationships.

  • Considering innate relationships and exchanges among child, parent, teacher, and pedagogical environments.  

  • The role of the environment as 'communicator & educator.'

  • The role of the child/parent/educator as 'observer, researcher & designer.'

  • The importance of experiential/inquiry learning.


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