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Connecting theory to practice 

When does learning start and when does it end?

Lifelong learning starts in the womb & under the right conditions can develop throughout the lifespan.

Course Duration: 1.5 hrs.

Target audience: Educators / Parents

The programs & environments adults design for children and the ways adults interact with them directly affect children's innate curiosity. Ideally, we aim to sustain their interest, as curiosity drives learning.

Which methods used for teaching, assessing, and evaluating the educational process support children's early learning and meaning-making in the best way?

By comparing frameworks and curricular traditions from different approaches, this workshop will discuss practices that reach beyond early-school readiness to include a whole-life approach to early learning. We will discuss critical concepts below:


  • Children's natural learning strategies

  • Children as agents of their learning

  • Experiential, inquiry-based learning and early-school readiness learning

  • Locally relevant, democratic, and child-centered pedagogy

  • Social pedagogy and normative-pedagogy

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