Liliana Hensel created PEDAGOGY SPACE as a resource for anyone interested in participatory, strength-based, and social-emotional education by supporting caregiver self-inquiry to raise and work with children. 


 Pedagogy Space aims to inspire and support educators and parents by offering  Professional Learning Workshops, Discussion-Circles, and Consulting services. Focusing on current brain and child development research, neuroscience, psychology, and pedagogical innovation.


I believe that educating or raising children in an increasingly globalized, fast pace, and technological-world requires  a 'pedagogy of listening.' As a world leader in education, Carlina Rinaldi reflects:

The pedagogy of listening is not only a pedagogy for school; it's an attitude for life…. Listening is a sensitivity to everything that connects us to others...The most important gift that we can give to the children in school and in the family is time… to offer our time to the children because time is the only possibility for listening and being listened to by others... Listening means being open to differences, recognizing the value of another's point of view and interpretations.   - Carlina Rinaldi, 2004.


A listening pedagogy supports children's emotional development and children's constructs as they try to make sense of the world. Developing our emotional awareness as well as the child's further strengthens our relationship.

The following values and principles underpin the various approaches we offer:



  • Children are born competent and wired for learning and connecting.

  • Each child has his/her timing, temperament, and developmental stages.

  • Adult self-examination is vital to building meaningful connections.

  • Imperfection, uncertainty, and risks are catalysts for meaning-making & building relationships.



  • Developing participatory education practices that respect the adult-child dynamic

  • Incorporating pedagogical models that value the diversity of everyone in the learning community

  • Cultivating wellbeing, responsiveness, and reflective practices

  • Cultivating respect, empathy, emotional and cultural awareness

PROFESSIONAL BACKGROUND-Liliana has been a leader in advancing child-centric practices since the 90s. For 12 years, she served as Executive Director of a nonprofit agency serving marginalized and at-risk children & families with therapeutic services. Including a preschool that received national accreditation by NAEYC--providing quality learning experiences for children and high standards in educators' professional preparation. She further developed collaborative educator training groups in the Reggio Emilia approach and was a California certified Mentor Director. For two years, she conducted program assessments as a Field-Research Consultant for a longitudinal study of the Western Regional Education Laboratory (REL West) in collaboration with the Program for Infant Toddler Care (PITC) and the California Department of Education.  


Liliana obtained a master's degree in Educational Psychology with a specialization in Child Development.  She has conducted research studies in Buenos Aires, California, and Amsterdam.